Kauai Very Large Sofa

Kauai Very Large Sofa

Far away from the uncertainty and the constantly changing, fast-paced life we live in. Light, sensual, with no hastiness. Everything about KAUAI is slow. Everything is uncomplicated. Everything is cheerful. The upholstery covering the different cushions is the main contributor to this feeling. As if serenity itself had participated in weaving the material. With its loosely placed cushions, which can be combined as you wish, this sofa has soft lines and a lightweight comfort factor. It de-stresses all who sit on it, whatever is on their mind, encouraging them to succumb to idleness with its bespoke style.

The elaborately crafted seat and back cushions with their sophisticated fell seams are detachable and can be moved into any position you choose. They rest upon an upholstered, lightweight plywood structure supported by high feet. The body and cushions can be ordered in the fabric and colour of your choice in line with your own personal design ideas – however extravagant they may be. Maritime, white beach and jungle looks are just a few of the ideas to help you create your fantasy.

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