Cupcake Uli-T-S-Ure RE Set

Cupcake Uli-T-S-Ure RE Set

A hard exterior with a soft centre. This maxim epitomises this delightfully sugary mound of cushions. CUPCAKE is a real feast for the eyes. It’s sinful, but it’s worth it. Tasteful, nonchalant and overflowing with cuddly-soft cushions. Supported by a gently convex frame, its interior filled with velvety fabric, this sofa is tenderly seductive, calling you to settle into it and stay awhile. Whether for family togetherness, lively discussions with friends or relaxing with your partner – CUPCAKE offers the ideal framework for every situation and delights with its magical charm.

The CUPCAKE range contains a huge variety of armchairs, footstools, loveseats, sofas, small corner-sofa combinations and large cushion piles, allowing you to create an exciting and diverse array of room compositions. The casual nature of the seat cushions sets the room off with a resounding union of decadent bohemian style and light-hearted hippie flair. The frame and seat cushions can be ordered in a range of fabrics and colours, and even the seam stitching can be customised to your own personal taste for a raw-edged leather style or a sealed textile piping design.

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